We provide assistance to address the complexities of international trade, customs and work with you to develop cost-effective strategies, efficient and effective compliance programs and business processes that keep your supply chain running smoothly. We stand ready to help your company with compliance, classification and potential free-trade-agreement benefits. We also provide the following activities:

    • Obtaining The Import Export License
    • SAD Refund
    • Negotiating and appointing C&F Agent for the following services:

1. Filing of Bill Of Entry

2. Documentation

3. Noting of the bill of entry

4. Clearance from the assessing officer in the appraising groups

5. Payment of Duty

6. Collection of Bill of Entry

7. Assessment and payment of Port Charges

8. Assessment and payment of Steamer Charges if any

9. Clearance of goods from Port/Airport

10. Negotiating and payment of Transport Charges

11. Negotiating and payment of Insurance Charges

  • Procuring VAT Declaration/ Waybills for transportation